2020 Design Challenge Series
SOL Laundromats and Cafe — A Conceptual Brand Identity
During the initial stages of the pandemic, New Zealand went into lockdown from late March to April. Taking advantage of the unexpected free time I was given, I explored my graphic design capabilities and concepts with a challenge - to complete a small identity within one day. This refined my design making decisions and significantly improved my visual sense of style.
The brief - Create a trendy and fun laundromat that can also establish as a cafe.
SOL found a gap in the laundromat market as they saw people come to do their washing but didn't have anywhere to go while waiting for their clothes to wash and dry. Wanting people to have a better experience when they do boring chores like the laundry, SOL created a laundromat and cafe joint where people can relax and enjoy their time catching up with friends and family over a coffee while waiting for their laundry to finish. 
The identity is fun and colourful with a slight Mexican kind of feel. It radiates warmth like sheets just pulled out from the dryer. The icon represents a machine blade which makes the washing machine and dryers do their thing. The space is clean, light and spacious which is reflected back in the branding.